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How to Easily Stop Pet's Bad Behaviors Fast

(Tuesday, August 29th, 2019) - New Hi-Tech Pet Training Device Invented By Ex-Military Dog Trainer May Be The Solution to All Pet Behavior Problems

“No! Bad Dog!!!”

How many times have you scolded your misbehaving canine with those words? Probably too many.

But before you fly off the handle, one of the most important things to understand about correcting bad behavior is that punishment doesn't work so it's extremely important that they get trained properly.

One mother learned this the hard way unfortunately when the postman came over one day...

Here’s Amy's story in a nutshell...


Sparky, my 60 lb Rottweiler ran to the door barking his head off, like he usually does, which drives me insane!

Sparky’s such a sweet dog but something people ringing the doorbell turns this big puppy into a wild hyena!

I always thought it was normal for a dog get excited and bark when someone rings the bell, its annoying sure, but harmless, nonetheless.

But I soon found out that if you don’t nip it in the bud, bad behaviour like this can escalate.

Oh, I paid for it when I opened the door and Sparky did something he's never done before - he leaped through and bit the postman on the leg!

I was petrified. The postman was not hurt but he was seriously upset and made it very clear that he was going to speak to his lawyer to press charges.

For the next 15 minutes, I pleaded with him to not sue me. I am currently in a financial rough patch and I would lose my house because this is only asset!

Not to mention Sparky could get put down... I couldn't even fathom that, it was too overwhelming of a scenario.

Finally, the postman agreed to not press charges on one condition, that I get Sparky trained promptly.

And boy did I try everything!

Taking him on more walks, shaking pennies in a can, spraying water, giving him treats - nothing was working!

I nearly gave up hope but finally decided to go see a trainer. When I got there though, she told me the price would be a little over $600 for dog training.

"$600?!" I shouted. "Where am I going to get the money for that?!"

She sympathized with me and told me to go see her friend, Charlie.

Charles is an ex-military K-9 trainer who has been training dogs for well over 25 years!

She told me he created a device that makes training pets extremely easy for people who don't have any time or experience training dogs before. I went to see Charlie and he showed me this device called Barx Buddy that he made.

Here's what he told me...

"Dog whistles are extremely effective and can make training a lot easier but since they're manual, the pitch sound changes and it's often not loud enough, which makes it harder for the dogs to hear it catch on to the patterns"

"This was always a big issue for me when I was training dogs in the military so I decided to create a device that would act like an advanced dog whistle and play a consistent, ultra-high frequency sound."

"What this does is it grabs dog's attentions naturally better than any dog whistle would and gets them to immediately stop their bad behavior in their tracks".

""It's honestly surprising how fast it can correct their bad behaviors - although it's loud to get them to immediately on their best behavior, it's 100% completely harmless"

I also have another dog at home so I asked him how it would affect my other dogs?

"They'll definitely hear it if they are extremely close by but as long as you command and gesturing to the dog that's needing a behavior change than they'll be totally fine."

"How do you use it exactly?" I asked.

"It's very easy since it was designed for people with no pet training experience.

Whine your dog is not behaving, for instance, rushing and barking at the door, you need to get in between him and the door and press the button on the Barx Buddy."

"I'd would also suggest using a signal or command with it like "Down!" so you can just say that and won't even need to use the Barx Buddy after a few times.”

"You will see him immediately stop what he's doing and look at you- when he stops behaviors, you follow up with a treat so he knows when he stop barking, he will get a treat. This is form better habit and solidify the training.”

" This works for cats also and can be used to treat to any bad behaviors! Digging in the backyard, barking, jumping on guests, biting on things they shouldn't be and almost any other issue you can imagine."

Not long after that the postman stopped by again and firmly asked how Sparky’s training was going.

I ordered the Barx Buddy immediately to give it a try.

I am extremely grateful that he is not planning to press charges. The last thing I needed was to lose my home over my dogs training!

Truthfully, Sparky has never been the type of dog that bites, he's just only been a barker. If your dog is similar to this, I can't been tell you how important it is for you to correct that behavior before it gets out of hand.

No one wants to get into a lawsuit or have their dog taken away for something that could have been rectified easily...

A couple days later, I ordered the Barx Buddy it arrived immediately. The next time Sparky ran to the door, I pressed the button and yelled “down!” once.

To my surprise - Sparky completely stopped and stared right at me until I followed up with a treat.

After only a few days of this, something incredible happened. The doorbell rang and Sparky just glared at me! I can believe it actually worked!

The next time the postman came by, he was just as astounded as I was. "That was quick!" he said and asked what did I do?

I told him about the device Barx Buddy, and he said he was going to buy one for his daily routes!

I was so relieved to have that stress taken off me and even used the Barx Buddy to help my other dog stop jumping on our guests that came over!

If you have a pet that has some bad behaviors that you need to get rid of then you have to get the Barx Buddy! From everything I've tried and seen - the Barx Buddy is without a doubt the quickest and easiest way to stop bad behaviors.

Our recommendation based off extensive research, Amy's story and our own internal tests, we think that the Barx Buddy is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get rid of your pets bad behaviors!



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Blown Away By The Results, We Wanted To Understand How It Works

Basically the Barx Buddy is a device to help dogs and cats get rid of bad behaviors by playing a super high pitched whistle sound that only they can hear. It doesn't hurt them at all but it will get them to stop their behavior.

What you'll want to do is wait for the behavior you want to stop, like: begging for food, non-stop barking at the door bell, barking late at night, destroying your couch cushions, or whatever annoying behavior needs to stop.

When your dog starts doing the bad behavior, physically get in between them and whatever they're doing wrong (couch, door, stranger, etc.) point the Barx Buddy at them and hold the button.

It will start playing a whistle sound that will get them to back away from it. After that just let go of the button and give your dog some kind of reward (treat, head scratches, etc.) so they remember good things happen when they aren't being bad.

If your dog is being extra aggressive or tough, theirs also a flashlight on it you can point at them that will make it even more affective. Plus, you can use the flashlight if you go on any late night walks.

On top of that, if there's someone elses dog that is being aggresive towards you, you can use it to keep them away. And the Barx Buddy has a loud alarm if things get too crazy and you need help.

Even Though It Worked With Buddy, How Would Other Dogs React To It?

We know Bryan is an expert dog trainer and that it worked for Buddy, but we wanted to find out if this was something that would work with every dog. We reached out to about 50 of our friends and most of them agreed to try it out but we had to narrow it to 20 people!

We bought 5 of these devices and let everyone try it for a week.

It took about a month but we ended up testing about 24 dogs (some people had more than 1 dog). Including the following breeds:

  • Chihuahua
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Yorki-Poo
  • German Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Husky
  • Weiner Dog
  • Bulldog
  • Rottweiler
  • Great Dane
  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire
  • Gold Retriever
  • We just told them to follow the easy steps we mentionedd above and in 23 out of 24 dogs, the device got them to stop the bad behavior almost instantly!

    One really bitter chihuaha was not really taking to it but he was 12 years old so it may have been a bit too late. (There was another chihuaha in which it worked perfectly on).

    My friends Yorki-Poo is usually a nightmare when we go over there so I was so happy to come over and not be attacked by a 6 lb tasmanian devil for once.

To say we're fans of the Barx Buddy is an understatement. It's one of the few options that not only work faster than traditional trainers, but are much more cost-effective as well!

We highly recommend that everyone with a dog or cat that has some bad behaviors to get the Barx Buddy. And if you don't love it then there's always a full 90-day money back guarantee. So if you don't love it for some reason, just return it!

Barx Buddy is doing a special offer for our readers and national train your dog month: a full 50% off your order! But hurry, due to extremely high demand, Barx Buddy has sold over 36,400 units and is almost out of stock.



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Customer Reviews

This works great with my dogs to keep them from barking at our front door after I have told them to lie down or when they are outside and try to bark through the fence at neighbors. I don't even have to push the button anymore.

Jessie Winters
Sioux, SD

My dog just gets way too excited when new people come over and won't stop jumping on them! He's not a small dog either so I know it can be really annoying for my guests and is embarassing for me. He would never listen to me when I told him to stay down but after using the Barx Buddy a couple times he's completely stopped! Although he still gets excited he sticks to the floor with some hardcore tail wagging

Jordan Feilman
Dallas, TX

Love it! I use it when my cat goes around clawing our furniture or walls (she destroyed a $1000 couch - it wasn't pretty)

Sarah Walters
Palm Beach, FL

Works like a charm with a voice command! I don't even need to use it anymore, I just ask them if they want me to get the remote and they stop

Laura Gerber
Buffalo, NY


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Update: ONLY 82 MORE AVAILABLE. 50% OFF Special Offer Ends Soon

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